Spotlight On: Footballers

While the main focus of this blog will be decorating my new home/dreaming about decorating my dream home, there are many other topics that interest me:  fashion, travel, pugs, food, beauty, hair & of course, celebrities.  Male celebrity athletes to be more specific…

Those of us born & raised in the south definitely prefer college football (Go Dawgs!), but it seemed a bit more appropriate to put the spotlight this week on the men of the NFL.

After all, I live in Boston now – where apparently it’s NOT normal to spend every single Saturday in the fall drinking beer, eating wings & watching ESPN Gameday at 9am…

One day these Bostonians will learn what’s important.

Moving on…let’s just say I’ve learned to enjoy football Sundays here thanks to the abundance of ridiculously good looking men of the NFL. In no particular order, here are a few of my favorites! (Ladies, you’re welcome)

NFL Men 1

Jay Cutler / Danny Amendola / Eric Decker (<–personal fave!)

NFL Men 2

Matt Leinart / Jordan Cameron / Tom Brady (short hair version only!)

Well, on that note…I hope these hot, athletic men helped make your humpday a wee bit better.



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