Spotlight On: The perfect chocolate cake.

Now anyone who knows me knows that my sweet tooth is Out. Of. Control. I blame it on genetics: dad’s got one, brother’s got one, mom’s dad’s got one…I was doomed from the start!


angry baby

Over the years, I’ve learned to settle the fat kid inside of me by learning to appreciate the finer desserts in life. I’d much rather have one delicious piece of homemade cake than mindlessly eat a semi-decent store bought piece. Or two. So for mom’s birthday a few weeks back, I started the search for the perfect birthday cake. She loves chocolate (naturally, what woman doesn’t?) and when I saw this recipe, I knew we had a winner. It was quite the labor of love, but I actually find baking to be quite therapeutic, so I was enjoying every moment! … until the hand mixer broke, I had a semi-mental break down and forced my dad to come help me hand-stir two batches of icing. #dadoftheyear

Lucky for us, she turned out beautifully:


cake fork

cake 2

And there you have it, one of the most delicious- dare I say moist- chocolate cake recipes. Go make this now!

Cake & Icing Recipes Found here *

*I omitted the espresso powder in both & I didn’t use boiling water (just hot)


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