Gold Digger

Now I know what you’re thinking…

gold digger

Actually unsure of who would be the gold digger here? Always a toss up between these two as to who has the bigger bank account…or ego. Ugh these two are the worst…


Like most people these days, I am l-o-v-i-n-g all gold errryyythang (also loving copper, but more on that next week!).  I especially love gold against stark white, ivory, and gray (the basic color scheme of my home). As with most things, a little goes a long way. Here are a few of my favorite gold accessories to scatter around your home:

Gold 1

Trays / Ram (AKA Goldie, my #1 girl) / Wall sconce

Gold 2

Zebra dish / Etsy prints  (1, 2) & frames / Starburst mirror

When I do my “home reveal”, I’ll show you which I ended up purchasing & how I chose to style them. Which is your favorite?!

UPDATE: I updated my “Atlanta” page to highlight many of my local favorite restaurants & hot spots. Feel free to comment with any note-worthy places I missed!!


2 thoughts on “Gold Digger

  1. Espec love the sconce. I used a similar pair (with jointed “arms”) as bedside lamps n they’re great – never get in the way, don’t take up space on bedside tables…
    Also, my vote is for sunburst mirror – it will add light and reflect movement , which will bring liveliness to your home.
    Love what I’m seeing!


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