pillow talk

If you’ve been following along, you probably got the memo that I like neutrals & basics: white, cream, gray, gold, black…these are my go to’s for decorating (and my wardrobe!). I believe that with a solid, neutral base you can’t go wrong. Especially if you use nicer, better quality fabrics- you can easily create a classic, elegant space, without it feeling boring or blah.

Accessories are, of course, the best way to add a pop of color. Curtains, rugs, flowers, pillows…always a great way to add some personality to the place, and they’re usually affordable enough to remix every now & then for an updated feel! I’ve currently got some white, gray & pink pillows in both my living room & bedroom, but I’m looking for a few different, more colorful options to brighten up the space.

Here are a few color/pattern combos I found that are the current contenders:


navy pillows


gold pillows


gray pillows

Pops of Color:

Colorful pillows

Which is your favorite?


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