Spotlight on: Television

With SO many amazing shows on this fall, and so little time, it’s hard for me to sit down & watch tv live (fact: The Walking Dead is the ONLY show I watch live: 9pm Sundays on AMC y’all). There are so many things I’d rather spend my weeknights doing, so I’m more of a let-me-watch-all-5-seasons-in-an-entire-rainy-day type of tv gal.


Thank goodness for Netflix. Here are my top 5 picks for the best binge worthy tv shows. So go grab some snacks, put your iphone on silent and enjoy wasting away your next weekend. You’re welcome.



The first season of Homeland may be, without a doubt, the most intense, on-the-edge-of-your-seat thrilling season of television. Warning: you will pick off all of your nail polish and you will not want to go to bed. If you haven’t seen Homeland, I suggest you drop everything and go watch.

And for those of you Homeland fans, check out this SNL skit of Anne Hathaway as Claire Danes #nailedit



As I said earlier, this is my favorite show on television. Now call me biased, but the fact that TWD is filmed in Atlanta AND the fact that I’ve been to set (saw my man Herschel!) are merely two of the reasons I love this show.

photo (22)

(anyone recognize this sign?)

It’s character development is so good and the story lines so intriguing, you forget how ridiculous it is that this show is about zombies. I find myself become more & more emotionally attached to the characters each week, and I swear this show gets better and better every season. Even if you don’t like zombies or post-apocalyptic type things, I promise you won’t be disappointed. A+ AMC…A+.


Not having my cable set up for the first month of my move was the best & worst thing that happened to me. Sure, I spent a lot more time with friends, at the gym, exploring my new neighborhood. But you better believe that every free moment I had at home was spent watching CM. It’s beyond addicting- suspenseful, dramatic, exciting…

Oh yea, and there’s Derek Morgan. Major eye candy. Shout out to my grandma who’s been a Shemar Moore fan ever since he was Malcom Winters on the Young & the Restless. Google him “on the beach”- promise you won’t regret it 😉

Malcolm_winters vs  shemar-moore-of-criminal-minds

(Young & Restless-1994)       vs      (Criminal Minds-2014)


This is the one show on my list that I’ve actually yet to watch. I am waiting for the first Boston snowstorm, where I need something to keep me occupied for 2 days while I’m snowed in! Everyone raves about this show, and everything Ryan Murphy touches is gold, so I know I will love it! Plus, let’s be honest…there is nothing creepier than this clown:



Basically you can just turn on USA any night of the week and this show is on nonstop syndication. If you want to laugh…and laugh…and laugh, watch Modern Family. Between Phil the clueless dad, Gloria the possibly-gold-digging 35 year old “stepmom” to 40 year old Claire, and Cam the hysterically flamboyant gay son-in-law…the comedy is nonstop. If you don’t laugh at this show, you’ve got probs.



So there you have it…the most binge-worthy televisions shows according to a true binge-watcher herself. Any I missed?

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