Spotlight on: Fall Recipes

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM! Today is my big brother’s b’day, so in honor of him, let’s all raise our glasses!

halloween 1986

{Halloween circa 1986 (mom?) …the vampire & the bunny)

Speaking of my brother, if there’s one thing that man likes, it’s food. It usually only takes about 30 minutes or so once we’re both back home in Atlanta for him to ask me to cook him something. Good thing for him, I love to cook and my mom always has the best ingredients. We are blessed to come from a family of amazing cooks, but for those of you a bit more kitchen-challenged, I’ve got you covered.

Here are 4 delicious recipes that are currently in my weekly roundup. I have actually made ALL of these so I can vouch that they’re tasty. Now get to cooking!

Chicken Tortilla Soup


{Recipe & photo via A Healthy Slice of Life }

Never met a Mexican dish I didn’t like. And never met a crockpot soup I didn’t like. This is easy, healthy & full of flavor. A perfect Monday meal!  *(I subbed a packet of taco seasoning for all of the spices & it worked perfectly!)

Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread

OH BABY! This may be one of my favorite recipes of all time! I have made this 5+ times and Every. Single. Time. people ask for the recipe, rave about how incredible this is & eat too many pieces to count. It’s become a “signature” dish of mine, thanks to Jen @ Peanut Butter Runner. I’m telling you, throw some soup in the crockpot (perhaps the recipe above!) and make this cornbread. You will not regret it.


{Recipe & photo via Peanut Butter Runner}

Mushroom Risotto

Want to impress your significant other? Need a special occasion recipe? Want to fool everyone into thinking you’re the best damn cook around? Then this recipe is for you. I made [a version of] this for a guy last year and let’s just say he STILL talks about how delicious it was. Nothing like a little stroke of the ego, am I right ladies?


{Recipe & photo via Martha Stewart}

*Truth be told, I “winged” this recipe, so I didn’t really measure spices, etc…but toss a swig or two of truffle oil on top and you’re golden.

Pumpkin Bread

When in Autumn…now I personally own the- hands down- world’s most amazing pumpkin bread, thanks to my old roomie’s boss from her old job (shout out to Yo Lu!). I’ve yet to taste a pumpkin bread better. But since that recipe isn’t up for sharing (sorry kids, some things remain sacred), I found one that’s pretty damn close. Tip: I always, always under cook baked goods by a few minutes. Trust me, better gooey > dry every single time. Oh, and for some added fun, try adding chocolate chips or chopped nuts- delicious!

pumpkin bread

{Recipe & image via All Recipes}

Well there you have it, four reasons to get into the kitchen now and cook up a storm! May you and your waistline enjoy 🙂


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