Home Registry: Housewarming Edition

One of the best things about moving to a new city/new apartment/etc is that you get to start from scratch: fun new decor, fresh sheets & towels, re-mix all of your current favorites…

One of the worst things is that you have to start from scratch: furniture, rugs, bedding, kitchen…that sh*t adds up!

It’s all fun and games until your credit card bill is twice your paycheck and you have to become a hermit &  eat ramen noodles for a month because you have no more money…


Y’all feel me?? Thought so.

For anyone who’s getting married, of course, this is such exciting because you get this amazing little thing we like to call a gift registry. AKA Christmas/birthday/every holiday ever combined. Now I know there are a million other reasons to get married (obviously) but I CAN’T WAIT to take that little zapper to all my favorite stores and pick out everything I love.

So until that day comes for you, make your own home registry/ housewarming list and keep your fingers crossed that these amazing items either go on mad sale, or a generous anonymous person wants to donate these to your new home (hint, hint).

Home Registry Favorites

Vitamix / Stainless Cookware Set / Upholstered Bed / Cowhide Rug / Gold Dinnerware / Gold Champagne Flutes }

What would you add on your list?

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