Fashion: Splurge or Save?

With the holidays upon us, it’s time to start thinking about budgets, gifts, etc. It’s also the beginning of winter, so of course we all need a few wardrobe updates. When it comes to fashion,  it’s hard to know what’s worth investing in! Personally, I always choose to invest in classic, timeless pieces that I know will last me for years to come (i.e. coats, black bag, fine jewelry) and then I try to go el cheapo on the trendy items & flashy accessories (isn’t that what Forever 21 is for?). It’s those in between items that always get me- I have countless designer jeans and I swear my Target ones are the pair that I wear the most! Anyone else have this problem?

I’ve put together a list of a few of my favorite items, with a “splurge” item and a “save” item. Which would you choose?

1. Classic Trench Coat

PicMonkey Collage- trench

My vote: SPLURGE! Being the lucky recipient of a Burberry trench coat (best birthday present ever!), I am extremely biased. This thing is as classic as it gets- the cut, the style, the color, the fit. It’s all just sheer perfection.

{ Splurge: Burberry vs. Save: Michael Kors }

2. New Winter Bag

PicMonkey Collage- purse

My vote: Splurge! Well, define “splurge”. I won’t be buying a new Celine bag (unless…who wants to donate?!) but I think a quality handbag is definitely worth investing in. It might be a purchase that’s only made every few years, but if you handle them with care and store properly, investment bags truly last for years & years!

{ Splurge: Tory Burch vs. Save: Aldo }

3. Over the Knee Black Boots

PicMonkey Collage- boots

My vote: SAVE! So A LOT of fashion bloggers are rocking the 50/50 this season (last season, too) but unless you’ve got a huge shoe budget, or you were a lucky recipient of a complimentary pair (hint, hint!), this is probably not a realistic option. Luckily this “save” pair is affordable and let’s be honest, identical. Either way, you’re going to look smokin’ hot in your sexy new shoes!

{ Splurge: Stuart Weitzman vs Save: Chinese Laundry }

4. Leather Pants

leather pants

My vote: I’m Torn! Part of me says save your money because real, authentic leather pants are very pricey, but then part of my says splurge because they’re truly something you will wear for life. So it’s a toss up! Either way, you can’t lose. (Side note: I have these Express leggings & they’re awesome)

{ Splurge : Current/Elliott vs Save: Express}

5. Leopard Coat

PicMonkey Collage- coats

My vote: SAVE! I’m all about the leopard coat this season (loving this winter leopard one also), but we all know this is super trendy so I say save your money & put it towards that classic trench!

{ Splurge: Carven vs Save: ASOS }

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