Gold Leaf Art

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit some of the most world renowned art museums- Museo del Prado in Madrid, Le Louvre &  Musee d’Orsay in Paris, MOMA in NYC, National Gallery in London, The Uffizi Gallery in Florence…nonetheless, art is one of the areas I feel most intimidate by.

When it comes to interior design, we all know that art is one area that is mostly subjective. Different pieces appeal to different people for different reasons. When you see stylish homes or interior design blogs, you often see the same pieces of furniture/lighting/decor, but you rarely see the same piece of art twice.


{ Ferris Bueller always knew best }

While I’m nowhere near educated enough, or ready, to invest in a big piece of art, I want to start dabbling in art a bit more. So it’s time to get my first piece! Currently in my bedroom, I’ve got light blue walls, a gorgeous oatmeal colored, tufted 5′ headboard and all white bedding (–> for bedding inspiration see this post). Basically it’s a clean, crisp, serene bedroom but there is a big, blank space above the bed that is dying to be accessorized.

I want something feminine, airy, light, minimal, and somewhat abstract. Enter gold leaf art. Currently on the hunt for the perfect piece. Here is my inspiration:


{ image }


{ image }


{ image }


{ image }

main image with no text

{ image }

Do you like this style? Any suggestions for gold leaf art artists?

3 thoughts on “Gold Leaf Art

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