Dining Options for Small Spaces

As a Southern gal who loves to cook, I enjoy having a wide open kitchen/den area…it makes it ideal for entertaining, for socializing with guests, for listening to music while I cook. However, being in a small space always brings the challenge of where to eat. Truthfully, if it’s just me, I often times eat standing up at the counter, at my desk while working, or on the sofa in front of the tv (awful, I know!!). But with the holidays (and my 1st hosted Yankee Swap!) rapidly approaching, I decided it was time to get real and get an actual place to sit down & have a meal.

Here are some inspirational photos of small areas and how the space has been maximized to be both functional and cute:


{image via}


{image via}


{image via}

*also OBSESSED with this rug ^^^ anyone know where I can find?!


{image via}


{image via}


{image via}


{image via}

Here are a few pieces I found that seem to be good options for my own area:


{Tables: white round // espresso rectangle // white island}

{Chairs: armless ghost // upholstered backless // adjustable wooden // upholstered back}

Any suggestions to maximizing an open, yet small kitchen area? Which would you pick?


2 thoughts on “Dining Options for Small Spaces

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