Happy New Year.

Happy New Year! I hope y’all all had a happy, healthy & safe NYE! I actually didn’t make any official resolutions last year, but this year I decided to make some resolutions I find to be more of life changes/goals, rather than your typical “lose 5 lbs” or “eat more vegetables.” Here’s my 2015 resolution list:


1.Eat Cleaner: As I enter into a new year, into my 30s, I realize that I need to continue to eat cleaner. My diet is generally very healthy, but it can always be cleaner.This doesn’t mean I’ll forego my favorite treats (I’m looking at you red wine & homemade desserts), but really try to eat less processed and more whole foods.

2.Laugh More: Rumor has it that kids laugh 300+ times per day, while adults only laugh 17. How sad is that? Laughter is THE best medicine and just so damn good for the soul. Laugh more. End of story.

3.Travel somewhere new: The list of places I want to travel is endless & ever growing. I’m not sure if 2015 will be full of 1 trip , many trips, domestic or international. But I know that I MUST keep traveling to expose myself to other cultures, countries & customs. It’s how I grow as a person. I vow to never, ever stop traveling.

4.Make my gmas recipes on my own: My grandma is undoubtedly the best cook on the planet (sorry, #mygmacooksbetterthanyours). Her food is made with so much love & the recipes are sacred to our family. It’s time I get outside of my comfort zone & attempt some of her Arabic recipes on my own. They will, of course never be as good…but hopefully they will come close & make her proud.

5.Spend more quality time with the people I love: In the age of cell phones, iPads, AppleTV & working 50+ hour work weeks, its easy to forget to stop & smell the roses. Loved ones won’t be around forever and tomorrow is never, ever guaranteed. Every moment counts & I don’t ever want to regret not spending enough time with my family, close friends & loved ones. So this is my most important resolution. By far.

If you decide to join me in making some positive life changes in 2015 here are a few quotes I find pretty inspiring. Enjoy!







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