Hooray for Herringbone.

Happy Monday y’all!

This post will be short because I have some wine, goldsfish & flashlights to buy! In case you haven’t heard, we’ve got Blizzard Juno on the way:


Ummm see that little pink dot that means “>24″…yea, that’s us. HELP!

Needless to say, this horrid weather has me dreaming of my next vacation. We’re in the preliminary stages of planning a late Spring vacation to Paris (fingers crossed it works out!!), so naturally I started looking at Parisian homes. The large windows, the natural light, the charming molding, those GORGEOUS herringbone floors…I’m in design heaven!!! Herringbone has a classic, sophisticated, European look that I just can’t get enough of. Here are some simple, yet gorgeous ways you can incorporate herringbone into your next design project:

Classic Wood Floors

PicMonkey Collage floors

{image 1 // image 2 // image 3} <–all INCREDIBLE spaces!

Tile Floors 

PicMonkey Collage tile

{image 1 // image 2 // image 3}

(can we please stop & talk about how FAB all 3 of these bathroom are!?)


PicMonkey Collage backsplash

{image 1 // image 2 // image 3}

Now excuse me while I go into hibernation until May…


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