Spotlight On: Blizzard Juno-Survival 101

Whew! I made it through another blizzard!

PicMonkey Collage

Well, I woke up yesterday morning in Boston to about 20”+ of gorgeous, powder white snow on the ground. Being a Southerner, I can only handle so much cold (spoiler alert: I hit my threshold yesterday circa 5pm). But if you come prepared and with the proper goodies, a mid-week snow day can actually be quite fun & cozy.

Here are my recommendations:

Blizzard Survival 101

The Necessities:

1. No way these Southern ears could have survived without this beanie. Also love this ear warmer.

2. I own this puffer jacket and it’s a life saver! You seriously start sweating after running around in it- so warm!

3. Waterproof gloves are of course needed to wipe all of the snow off of your car <– insert pouty face.

4. I have these hunter boots in green but loving this red color- don’t know how I could live without these! Rain, snow, slush…they keep you warm & dry. Worth every penny!

The Fun Stuff:

Of course, no snow day would ever be a true success without all of the essentials: delicious wine, snacks (goldfish and m&ms are my personal favorite), card games, and the perfect batch of chili <– I use a similar recipe (it’s in my head- no measurements!) but sub ground turkey for ground beef, add 1 habanero pepper, corn & 1 can black beans. SO GOOD!!!



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