Oscar Best Dressed.

You’ve probably seen a million Oscar round-ups so far, but lets be honest- does looking at beautiful people wearing beautiful dresses & beautiful jewelry ever get old? I think not.

Killed It:

best dressed

Reese. Emma. Rosamund. Margot.

You beautiful ladies can do no wrong. The colors, the cuts, the hair, the accessories- PERFECTION all around!!!

Not a fan:

worst dressed

ScarJo. Jessica. Marion. Nicole…no, no, no. Just no.



 Sienna’s was too boring- she has a killer figure & is so beautiful, she could have rocked any dress-such a shame!

Anna’s was too prom-ish. Would have loved to see this in a deep blue/navy color.

Lupita’s was gorgeous but way too many pearls for my taste. Those arms though!

Gwyneth’s reminded me of the other pale pink one she wore. A little too expected.

Stole the Show:


Jennifer Lopez is 45. FORTY FIVE!!!  Her skin, her hair, her incredible body-WHAT IN THE HELL IS HER SECRET?!?!


And this one? 46 years old & better than ever!

Eat your heart out Brangelina…you lose.

Bravo ladies, bravo.

Who were your best & worst dressed at the Oscars?!

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