Spotlight On: Ski Bunny Chic.

Now that I’ve decided to go against all of my natural, warm blooded, Southern sun-loving instincts and embrace this arctic tundra wonderful city that I live in, I’ve begun my journey into becoming a part time ski bunny. I may fall down that mountain time after time while attempting to keep up with the 3 year old’s experienced snowboarders, but I will damn sure look cute while doing it.


Since my first- and only- attempt so far had me outfitted in head to toe black from my bf’s alarmingly large collection of Patagonia gear (who’s the shopaholic here?!), I thought it was time to look a little less Snoop Dogg and a little more I-may-not-ski-well-but-at-least-I-don’t-look-like-a-thug. After all, I’ll mostly likely be in the lodge by the fire going forward.


{That was my EXACT outfit. True. Story.}

Now excuse me while I take my new outfit for a little après-ski…


{sweater // cashmere gloves // knit hat // suede boots // Burberry scarf // fur lined coat}

What’s your favorite ski bunny look?


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