Spotlight On: Homemade Granola

Gobble it by the handful. Sprinkle it over fro yo. Top it with some greek yogurt & fruit. Pour almond milk over it. Any way you eat it, granola is deeeeeeee-licious! But with the average store-bought granola around $8/package and over 10 grams sugar, it’s also a dangerous snack.


Needless to say, I decided to make a big batch last night! Now, my dad’s been making homemade granola for years (his recipe is similar to this), so I combined his recipe, with Jenn’s peanut butter granola recipe & this crunchy coconut recipe. The final batch turned out amazing- you know it’s good when the boyfriend fills a ziplock bag at 6am because he wants to eat some during the workday! (#winning)

While I didn’t really measure anything (per usual), here are my best estimates:

Presentation1- Granola


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