Schumacher Wallpaper.

It’s no secret that wallpaper is making a major comeback- the process of installing/removing has been made much easier over the years, and the designs are way more beautiful than ever. We’re not talking ugly 70s wallpaper anymore people


haha, anyone remember this style?

J Schumacher is one of my favorite companies to look for both fabrics and wallpapers. Having been around since the the 1890s (crazy, right?!),  they’ve mastered luxurious & innovative wallpaper. Their designs are fun, timeless, elegant, and always beautiful. You can shop their collection here. See the below spaces utilizing Schumacher wallpaper for some inspiration how you can bring this design feature into your home!


{image via}


{image via} <– this pattern is one of my favorites!

консольный столик 100

{image via}


{image via}


{image via}


{image via}

What’s your favorite wallpaper pattern?


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