A glamorous NYC event venue

I’m heading to a friend’s wedding this weekend (congrats Laura & Wilson!) and I couldn’t be more excited. Having worked for a wedding/event planner for three years in college, I have always LOVED event planning. Wedding planning is, of course, even more fun because it is such a special occasion! Truth be told, I always thought I’d “grow up” and be an event planner…but since it’s not my full time job, I enjoy perusing various sites and seeing the latest & greatest in wedding venues, decor, fashion, etc. You name it, I’ve probably got it pinned!


{The Barn @ Flanagan Farm}

While the above rustic, charming venue is my personal venue of choice, I think it’s always fun to look at glamorous, high end venues that a girl can only dream of. When I came across the rooftop terrace at The Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City, I practically squealed!

This venue is breathtaking!!!  The space provides an intimate, yet glamorous feel. (In fact, it may work best for the rehearsal dinner, given the small space) There are beautiful plants and flowers all over, and the interior walls are filled with contemporary art. The walls & ceiling are practically all windows, so you can imagine the spectacular views, especially on a clear night. It’s so not “me”, but you can’t deny its beauty.


{gorgeous cabana upon entry}


{adorable terrace space for your guests to enjoy fresh air}


{super rustic- chic bar area}


{lounge area <– what a light fixture!}


{beautiful tablescape}


{another beautiful tablescape option}


{incredible view from the sit down dinner table}

What’s your perfect wedding reception venue?


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