Wanderlust Wednesday: Nantucket

One of my favorite things about living in the Northeast is the abundance of charming seaside towns. We’ve got the North Shore, the South Shore, Rhode Island shore & more! Having spent a good amount of time on each (still on my list: Block Island!), one of my favorites is, without a doubt, Nantucket.


Everyone describes The Cape as an arm doing a bicep curl…Falmouth is by your shoulder & Provincetown is by your clenched fist….do you see it? Well, Nantucket, is a small island off the coast of elbow. From Boston, you can either fly (quick & easy) or drive to South Shore & catch the fast ferry (a bit longer, but usually less expensive). I’ve taken the ferry a few times and it’s pretty easy- you grab a drink, grab a seat & enjoy the view! 90 minutes later and you’re in Nantucket…the land of gorgeous shingled homes & the biggest, most beautiful hydrangeas you’ve ever seen!

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I promise that I’m not exaggerating when I say that every. single. house. looks like those!! They are just so spectacular, lush & picturesque— it never gets old!!

Ok so now that we’ve covered how to get there & what you will be seeing, lets talk about where to stay, what to do & what to eat!

Where to stay:

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a friend (or friend-of-a-friend) with a summer home down in Nantucket (anyone want to invite me?!), your best bet is to rent a home for the week/weekend (note: many summer rentals require full week rental) or a hotel room. My one word of advice? Book early! We booked in February and had very slim pickings for August. My recommendations:

VRBO or HomeAway for rentals

White Elephant Hotel

Nantucket Hotel & Resort

The Beachside *we stayed here- was great location & perfectly accommodating


What to do:

Fingers crossed you’ve got beautiful weather & there is plenty to do!

I suggest renting bikes (we used this company), hitting the downtown for some shopping, visiting the public beaches, & just exploring the island! For a really fun day, take the shuttle over to the Cisco Brewery and enjoy some great beer, live music & fun company <–we did this, best part of our trip!

PicMonkey Collage1

Where to eat:

As you can probably imagine, there are SO many delicious restaurants on the island! A few that really stood out to me- and I would highly recommend:

Galley Beach (go for sunset drinks & apps- you are literally sitting on a chair on the beach and the sunset is just spectacular!)

The Pearl– gotta get the wok fried lobstah!

Cru– Seafood/raw bar/on the water

Nautilus– Asian fusion/great bar

Provisions– cute spot to grab lunch

PicMonkey Collage

Whether it’s a romantic getaway with your significant other, a girls weekend, or a family trip…Nantucket is the place to be. I guarantee you will have a fabulous time!!! Enjoy!


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