Window Seats.

One thing I remember vividly from my childhood home is this little nook we had in my bedroom. It was an indention that had a big window at the end- the perfect spot for a reading nook. I used to pile pillows up and lay by the window reading books & magazines. We talked about building one there, but for some reason it never happened…hey dad, add that to your “honey do” list now that you’re retired 😉

While these window seats are traditionally thought of in children’s rooms (hence my story above), they can really work in any space with a big window & some extra room. They are a great way to create an adorable reading nook, provide extra storage & add a little charm to your home. Here’s the picture that originally inspired me:



I love how they’re semi-hidden and frame the fireplace perfectly. And that light fixture? This room is just fab! Here are a few more perfectly executed window seats to get you inspired as well:

2 3 4


6 7

{1/2 (<–that view!!!)/3/4/5/6}

What are your thoughts in window seats?! Here is a good tutorial and an easy DIY if you’re in a rental!


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