Weekend WIshlist

Happy Friday y’all! I hope you guys have some fun plans & some warm, sunny weather coming your way! Here’s what I’ve got in store for the weekend…

What I’m Coveting:


After seeing these pictures via the Ballard Designs blog, never have I ever wanted an outdoor space so badly. Fingers crossed my next place has one!

What I’m Cooking:


Being of Mediterranean background, tabbouleh is a staple for me. I usually use bulgur but I’m eager to try this quinoa version, as it has more protein & fiber. Gotta get strong – summer is here!

What I’m Reading:


Those who know me know I LOVE to travel! Packing is always a challenge and this list will be helpful for my 4 day July trip & 5 day August trip, both just around the corner!

What I’m Preparing:


Everything…for my weekend house guests! My “to do” list is a mile long: clean/scrub/windex/vacuum the house…but most importantly, get the magical ingredients to make my guests feel at home! Above is a little checklist I always use when I’ve got company coming into town


One thought on “Weekend WIshlist

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