Livable Central Park Apartment

Happy Monday y’all!

It’s a short week, ending in a holiday- the best kind of week, if you ask me! This past weekend, I was perusing NEW YORK COTTAGES & GARDENS and came across this awesome space from a few months back. This Central Park West 3 bedroom apartment has amazing windows (and views!) and is so bright & welcoming. Because this was a full renovation (knocking down walls, etc), I would have loved to see the “before” pics, but I’ll just drool over the “after”.

One thing I really love about this apartment is, unlike many NYC spaces, it actually feels livable! It’s not too stuffy or too modern or too museum-like. It’s a realistic, comfortable, gorgeous renovation. Here, see for yourself:

I love the mirrored closets & huge amount of light that’s reflected in the entry way…


Loving the mix of neutrals & navy in this room. See what I mean- doesn’t this feel “livable”?!


LOVE these interior metal doors that separate the living room from this formal dining space…


I really love the black cabinets in this kitchen, with the gold hardware & white marble countertops. I think because of the frosted glass faces, the space doesn’t feel too dark or heavy. (Personal note: I could do without the banquette, but I understand why they chose that, given the lack of dining space in the kitchen.)

4 5

Again, loving the black here- on the tub this time. So much more unexpected than your traditional white. I’m thinking a black tub is in my near future! And these windows…need I say more?

6 7

How adorable-meets-chic is this little girls nursery? That chair looks straight out of Bergdorf’s Restaurant and I am loving the daybed! (Remember a few weeks back when I wrote about daybeds- I knew I was onto something!)


And finally, the master. Small, yet functional. I’m particularly liking the tv console meets writing table (genius idea for those of you stuck in small spaces like me!) and the chaise lounge by the window- perfect reading nook.


Which room is your favorite?

You can find the full article here.


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