Pair of Prints

I’ve been searching for the perfect piece(s) to go above my nightstands. My bedroom set up is currently as such:


(Not the best pic, but you get the idea. New side tables & throw pillows coming soon!)

I have semi-low ceilings, so I don’t want to put anything above the 5′ headboard. Instead, I’d like to add a new dimension by framing two 8×10 pieces of art into these 11×14 thin gold frames. Y’all know I like the white/gray/gold combo- the simpler, the better! I considered DIY options- painting or sketching or framing wallpaper, etc but in the end I decided to just buy a couple of prints since an 8×10 is so small. (I’ll save my DIY creative juices for a bigger project!).

I’ve been searching many sites and here are a few of the finalists. Keep in mind I want two pieces- similar, but not necessarily identical.

peonies prints

arrow prints

gold leaf art prints



{peonies // arrows // gold leaf art // world map // flowers // strokes}

Which is your vote?!


3 thoughts on “Pair of Prints

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    • Hi Stacy- they’re via the Etsy shop “Stop4Design”; I believe this exact pair isn’t listed anymore but I would recommend contacting the shop owner. I’ll bet she can make you some! Good luck!


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