Sea fan art.

Are you guys familiar with sea fan art? I usually would think of this more for a coastal home or a beach house, but I’ve been seeing it used a lot lately. And I am loving it! Sometimes you just need something simple on the walls- when a mirror or piece of art won’t do, enter the sea fan. Here’s the picture that initially inspired this post:


Isn’t this bedroom the best? You can see the entire room here.

There are so many ways to use sea art- above the bed, in a nook, in a blank hallway space, leaning on a bookshelf…really in any filler spot:

555 1111 2222 3333 4444 6666


What are your thoughts? I’m eager to find a way to incorporate this into an upcoming project. While DIY is always an option for sea fan art, I’ve found some pre-made pieces that are quite lovely:

seafan art

{ 1. set of four 2. blue 3. stand-alone }


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