Sicily Part 2: Exploration

As I mentioned in Sicily Part 1, I was a “plus one” on a work trip, so we were fortunate enough to have about 5-7 excursions to pick from (we got to choose 3). I chose (1) spa day…obviously, (2) biking & cooking lesson on the winery and (3) guided tour through local town of Agrigento. (I think the other options were history tour, deep sea fishing, golf lessons, for example)

What amazing choices these ended up being.


I spoke about the spa in part 1. I’m not sure about you, but to me one of the best parts of being at a nice, tropical resort is relaxing at the spa- using the steam room, taking a yoga class, enjoying a massage, etc. Nothing like a spa day to rejuvenate me, both physically & mentally.


We were pleasantly surprised at the tour of Agrigento. Usually, I’m not one to take guided tours (blame it on my short attention span/intense desire to wander off) but the guide made this. I remember Lorenzo like it was yesterday- his energy, his enthusiasm, his love for life! He was a true gem and made the trip. He showed us the beautiful history of the town- from old ruins to the restored opera house to the hole-in-the-wall bakery.


{the temple of Juno, Agrigento}

We then enjoyed an outstanding lunch at a local restaurant. It was your typical, delicious Italian meal- bread with olive oil, huge green olives, arancini balls & homemade pasta. One thing that surprised me was the method in which they cooked this pasta- they actually put the noodles, sauces & cheese into foil and baked it. The taste was amazing! Have you ever had pasta this way? (read more about it here)

PicMonkey Collage

What blew me away most about the excursions was the bike tour. We rode a bus (led by the wonderful Lorenzo!) to the local winery, where we were outfitted for our bikes. Let me tell you, as a person who goes to spin at least twice a week…this ride was no joke! It was through gravel roads int he country, through dirt paths across the winery & up hill after hill to reach the top. What a view:

Sciacca is a beautiful and historical town in province of Agrigento, known for cercamics, the port, the wonderful beaches, the beautiful hisotrical center, the carnival

{The Port of Sciacca in Agrigento}

sicily alexis on bike

{I didn’t get the memo to wear workout clothes}

top of mtn

{I made it to the top via bike!}

Arriving back to the winery home after our 2 hour ride (we stopped along the way to take pics, etc), we arrived to the most spectacular view & meal of the week.


Ahhh, this must be Heaven on earth.

We were wined & dined. Literally. The 4 course meal (this was lunch!) started with amazing eggplant caprese (layered baked eggplant/tomatoes/mozzarella) and a local wine. Then we had 3-4 homemade pastas, family style, that just melted in my mouth. Followed by a delicious baked fish & vegetable selection. Both were accompanied by more wine, of course. Even though I was stuffed at this point, I made room for the homemade desserts (and limoncello!) that were presented at the end. I wish so badly I had pictures of this, but I don’t 😦

I can assure you that this experience was a once-in-a-lifetime one that I will not forget. The people, the scenery, the food, the company- a true Italian experience that I am forever grateful for and will never forget.


Have you ever been to Sicily?!

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