Grand Canyon National Park: Part 1

Happy Wanderlust Wednesday! Hopefully these weekly posts help make your hump day a little bit brighter. Spending my days with you, recapping my travels and dreaming about my next trip is a highlight of my week! Today’s wanderlust takes me to the Grand Canyon National Park, specifically the South Rim.


I honestly don’t even know how to begin to describe or explain this place- the sheer beauty and grandness (no pun intended) can truly only be experienced in person. I thought I knew what it would look like from all the pictures I’ve seen through the years- boy was I mistaken. We arrived at sunset on a Friday night and it was one of the most magical, spiritual, mind blowing experiences I have ever had in my life. The pictures don’t even come close to doing it justice because (a) it was foggy (b) I frantically took [not so good quality] pics because there was a quick window of opportunity and (c) nothing will be able to capture the feeling of overlooking this MASSIVE, stunning canyon while feeling the calming stillness & silence.

IMG_2482 IMG_2488

Here’s a professional image that looks almost identical to what we saw (and from the exact point we watched):


Trust me when I say, go see the Grand Canyon at sunset.

Also,  I would highly recommend staying in the park if you can. There are very limited accommodations so book way ahead- like 6+ months! I looked almost every day for months & we lucked out big time when there was a cancellation at the Yavapai Lodge.


This place was awesome! We felt like we were back at summer camp. It’s basically a bunch of small dorm-like lodges in the woods, centered around the main lodge & general store. We arrived at sunset, then headed to the (huge!) General Store, where we grabbed a pizza, bottle of wine & headed to the room. There is literally nothing to do there, other than explore the park, so bring food/drink/entertainment if you need it. We really enjoyed this place & it made exploring the park SO easy, especially if you’re on a limited schedule, which we were.


{view about 2 minutes from our room}

We woke up at 5am on Saturday in order to catch the sunrise from the park & get our hiking started. Again, the views were spectacular & totally awe inspiring. Between the iPhone and the Go Pro, we got a few great sunrise pics:



unnamed (2) unnamed (3) unnamed (4)

I cannot recommend visiting the Grand Canyon enough!! Even if– especially if– you “saw it as a kid”… I feel like it can only be truly appreciated as an adult. Watch sunset. Stay inside the park. Get up for sunrise. Stay tuned for part two where I discuss the hiking! More spectacular view to come…


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