Girls’ Dorm Room.

When I came across this dorm room, I thought it was too cute not to share!


I remember going off to my freshman year of college like it was yesterday- you’re nervous, excited, anxious, bittersweet…such a wide range of emotions! One thing that can help with the transition and calm the fears is a relaxing, comfortable dorm room. This is your only “me” space at this point in your life, so why not make it special? We all know these spaces are notorious for being tiny and blah, so organization & color are our two best friends here!




Whether you know your dorm roommate or not, reach out & touch base about a plan! While it’s not necessary to have completely matching bedding, it’s nice to make sure nothing clashes. Plus, decorating is a great way to get to know your new roommate & express your style in the process.

Be sure to pick neutral, versatile pieces! You’ll want to maximize every inch of space so you don’t feel like your new home is cluttered or messy. Here are some great pieces to get you started:


{bedding // utility cart // jewelry/makeup box // pouf // desk lamp // baskets // mirror}

PS Here is a list of great tips when packing for the dorm!


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