Fireplace Fillers.

Happy Monday y’all! I hope everyone had a costume, candy filled weekend! I, however, had too much candy so “No Sugar November” starts today for me. Wish me luck (believe me, I need it!)


So I’m working on a little project over here on the home front. I’m moving into a temporary place (long story!) that has a faux-fireplace…typical, Boston. Since this is not the beautiful, cozy, full functioning fireplace of my dreams, the inside is empty! I’m toying with a lot of different ideas right now, so I thought I’d lay them out!

Idea #1…filling the space with candles, flowers, seasonal items, etc…

1 2 3 4



Idea #2: try this DIY for a stacked wood look…

1 2



Idea #3: ________ [insert your idea here]________

Which do you prefer?

Any ideas I’m missing?!


3 thoughts on “Fireplace Fillers.

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