Wreath Roundup

It’s officially December!! My favorite month of the year! In 2015, my December already includes my birthday (7th!), a weekend trip to NYC, a week-long trip back to Georgia (xmas part 1), a weekend in New Jersey (xmas part 2), visiting 3 dear friends & their newborn babies, and our first trip of the year up to our ski house in Vermont. Whew….I can’t wait for the holiday chaos to begin 🙂

Now that we’ve got the month mapped out, let’s talk decor. Step 1: buy a wreath! While I typically put up most of my Christmas decorations the weekend of Thanksgiving (a fun holiday tradition that I want to continue), I was moving all weekend, so I’m slacking on decor! Keep your [creative] mind open… wreaths aren’t strictly meant for doors- they are great for walls, windows & mantels! (I’m planning on putting two up on our living room bay windows)







My current picks…



Which wreath is your favorite?!


4 thoughts on “Wreath Roundup

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