5 things to do in NYC during the holidays

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I spent a lovely birthday weekend in New York City. While it’s hard having a birthday so close to Christmas (all you December babies out there understand my pain!), the huge positive is that everything is already so festive & decorated that it makes you feel extra special! Given that NYC is one of my favorite cities in the whole world (probably in a 3 way tie with Paris & Rome), my oh-so-thoughtful bf surprised me with a birthday trip! Since he knows I’m a crazy travel planner, he spilled the beans a few weeks back so we could plan activities, snag tickets, decide on dinner spots, etc. The perfect plan!


So, I know there are about a million things to do during the holiday season at Christmas time- I’ve spent countless holiday seasons in NY, but this one was extra special. Here are 5 things I would recommend that you do:

1. Go see the store windows

A tradition of mine and one that my mama loves also. We love looking at anything design/decor related that’s Christmas-y really (including the Atlanta Holiday show home, anyone been yet?!). This year did not disappoint. It’s hard to get great pictures because some are better during the day (Saks, Bloomingdales), while some are better at night (Harry Winston, Tiffany’s). It’s just really fun to stroll down 5th Avenue & admire all of the beautiful things that you’ll never be able to afford 😉


2.Eat delicious comfort food

It’s pretty safe to say I always check this one off the list when in NYC (or any vacation really), but a lot of the food there is great during the cold season- pho, pizza, pretzels, hot chocolate…you can’t go wrong! A highlight for me was my birthday dinner at the trendy Beauty & Essex. Our friend works for the restaurant group so they totally spoiled us rotten. Wined & dined us with the best food & drinks, and then surprised me with not one, not two, but three amazing birthday desserts! So personalized & thoughtful…


{brunch | bagel | pasta | dinner apps}



Now I’ll admit, this was not originally high on my list. One of my best gal pals is a raging Christmas fan and she really encouraged me here. Thank goodness she did! I have never been more pleasantly surprised by a show, ever! Silly me, I thought these ladies just stood there and kicked those legs up to Christmas tunes. Wrong. They sang, danced, acted, told stories, and totally got me in the most cheerful, kid-style Christmas mood ever. AND I LOVE IT! (side note: the bf said he truly loved it also- ladies, lock down a date night!)


4.Grab a drink in a fancy hotel bar

While it wasn’t in the budget to stay in a 5-star this trip, we loved stopping by the Four Seasons lounge for a beer & an appetizer, and then pre-Rockette drinks at the St Regis! Both of the lobbies were decorated so beautifully- I love the oversized ornaments and the huge Christmas trees. Plus, for some reason a martini always feels better in a fancy hotel bar. Am I right?!


5.Walk the Highline

Ok, this is odd, I know. However, when you are blessed with 55 degrees & bright sun two weeks before Christmas in NYC, you walk outside. Neither of us had actually walked the highline before. It was fun this time of year because we started at Chelsea Market, which is so festive! We walked the full way North and saw so much- rooftop Christmas lights, trees all around town, even the inside of some awesome modern apartments (those poor people, no privacy!).


All in all, there’s really nothing like a trip to a city you love with the one you love…what a birthday!


Now go book your ticket to NYC….so much to see during this magical holiday season!

**sorry for the poor picture quality on a good bit of these photos…I had to sneak a few 😉


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