Gift Guide: For Him

Happy Monday y’all! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Wonder what I was up to? Check out my Instagram 😉

Today’s post features more gift guides! I don’t know about you, but the hardest gifts for me are ALWAYS my dad and brother. Those two are near impossible to shop for. Sure, I could give a book or an Amazon gift card, but that’s no fun! So whether it’s your dad, bro, boyfriend, best guy friend, or just a cool dude in your life, I’ve put together a [man approved] list!

Gift Guide for Him

  1. These boots are a solid win for any guy living in cold weather. They’re waterproof, warm & stylish. Best part? They’re under $150.

2. Most guys love a good game night, so why not get him this masculine, stylish poker set?

3. Want a fun experience with your guy? Think outside the box and snag some concert tickets! Memories > tangible items. Always.

4. One classic, versatile piece of clothing every guy should own is a vest. This J. Crew one is a great color & style.

5. Does the guy you’re shopping for like music? Grab him some blue tooth speakers – this one is sleek & has really great reviews.

6. A favorite in our household are these gray Ugg slippers – whether he knows it or not, your guy wants them & will wear them nonstop.

7. This truly is the perfect gift for so many situations- your bf’s brother, your cute neighbor, your mail’s inexpensive, seasonal & fun!

8. Every man could use another flannel shirt- I’m loving this one and it comes in 7 color options.

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