Looking luxurious.

Ever see a home and think every room looks so luxurious…how do they afford this? Well, unless you’re super rich or can afford an interior designer (with an unlimited budget!), odds are they’re not spending a fortune. Sure, there are some people that fall into the aforementioned categories, but most of us are working within our means. Luckily, I’ve put together a list of 5 ways- tried & true- to make your home look more luxurious.

Presentation1.jpgUse a fancy mirror. 

This applies for all rooms, including bathrooms! Gone are the days of standing, stock mirrors. A mirror is worth spending an extra hundred or so on if it completes the space & looks way more expensive. A few great places to shop are HomeGoods, Wisteria, Ballard Designs & West Elm. Trust me, a “wow” mirror makes all the difference in the world.



Add a touch of gold.

Now, I don’t mean gaudy gold, but nothing looks as chic as a gold (or brass) sconce, lamp, tray, or hardware. A little pop is all you need, as seen below. I think lighting is an easy, inexpensive way to start- and an easy change if you’re not happy with it down the road.




Mix lush fabrics.

This is my favorite tip, as I love, love, LOVE luxe fabrics- shearling, faux fur, velvet (ya’ll know my affinity for velvet sofas, as documented here, here and here. #ihaveaproblem). A great place to start is with rugs, throws & bedding. Go crazy!




Less is more.

Ahh, my life motto. Literally. Less is always more, and design is no different. Clutter, overscaled furniture & too many pieces immediately make a space feel small & unkempt. It’s best to curate a space exactly how you want it by using pieces you truly love. That clunky chair that “cost a lot of money” when you bought is 5+ years ago? Maybe it’s time for it to find a new home (Craigslist, anyone?). Trust me when I say, err on the side of minimal. It’s both visually & mentally appealing.



Style your spaces.

Now I know this can be intimidating, but just follow a few basic rules of thumb. Ex: items look best in threes. (candlesticks on the mantle, small vases on the bookshelf). Another great tip for styling a space is to add fresh flowers in a clear vase. Always makes the space look more finished (and bonus, luxurious!) Need some help? Peruse Pinterest or some interior magazines (Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Veranda) & get inspired!



What’s your favorite way to make your home feel luxurious?!


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