A new year.

Well, it’s officially the first Monday in 2016. Crazy to think how quickly 2015 flew by, but damn it was a good one. I traveled to Puerto Rico & the Grand Canyon, moved into a newer, bigger apartment, grew the blog in ways I never expected & had some unforgettable experiences with both family & friends.


With that, I’ve pledged to myself for 2016 some resolutions. Really, it’s a common theme: to invest more in what’s meaningful to me.

Loved Ones: Since I’ve lived in Boston (almost three years-wow!), I’ve noticed how difficult it is to truly stay in touch with friends/family. Not just a “hey lets catch up” call for 30 minutes every 3 months, but truly stay in touch. As real loved ones should. People get married, have kids, have jobs, have their own lives/travel, etc. It’s an effort to maintain strong relationships, but one that’s worth it, no doubt. 2016: the year of reconnecting!

My body: I rejoined crossfit in 2015, which was one of the best decisions I made. Aside from the amazing community, it’s gotten me back into strength training & hard core workouts. I loooooove these type of workouts- they’re good for the mind & body. But I want to do more- lift more, run faster, and be more active, especially on the weekends. I look forward to snowboarding, hiking, hot yoga with girlfriends!

My Health: In 2015 I was pretty healthy (let’s call it the 80/20 rule)…but I would like to be better. This means new recipes in the kitchen (trying this tomorrow night), sticking to a mostly paleo diet & making smarter choices when dining out. Will I say goodbye to my beloved pizza? Hell no. But it will just be more of a treat 🙂

My Passions: Specifically, this blog. I don’t write to gain readers or get a book deal one day…I write because it’s a great creative outlet for me and it helps me document my thoughts. It holds me accountable. And one day, when I’m old & wrinkly, I hope that I look back and say I enjoyed those days when I wrote for hours, not knowing if anybody’s reading! (hello…anyone?!)

My Soul: travel, travel & travel. I’ve said time and time before that travel is what lights the fire inside me. The list of places I want to travel is endless & ever growing, but I’ve got some pretty exciting trips in the works for 2016. I’m splurging a bit more than usual, but I’m going with the Oprah mindset: “If not now, then when?” As trips are booked, I’ll share (don’t want to jinx anything!).

Happy 2016 folks, let’s do this.


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