Underrated Travel Destinations

Wanderlust Wednesday! My favorite day of the week!

One thing I love most about travel is exploring new-to-me and unpopular destinations. It’s so fun to experience new cultures & visit places that aren’t so commercialized yet. (Hence why Cuba is currently #1 on my travel list!!!!)


{original picture via The Perennial Style}

So I came across this list about “20 gorgeous & underrated travel destinations”, I dove right in. While some of these places have already become quite popular (I’m looking at you, Iceland) there are a lot that I’ve never heard of. And damn, are they tempting. Let’s take a look at the top few that really intrigue me…


Palawan, The Philippines: it’s no surprise this was voted the most beautiful island in the world. Ideal to visit between Oct & May, Palawan is a magical mix of lush rainforest meets crystal clear water.


Mozambique, Africa: Oh, Indian Ocean, how I dream of visiting you. It’s a dream trip of mine to do South Africa + safari + Mozambique. So much beautiful nature here, its just humbling.


Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia: I first read about this Bolivian wonder from The Road Les Traveled (if y’all don’t follow her on Insta, you should!) It’s basically where heaven meets earth- you literally look like you’re walking on clouds, while it’s actually the world’s largest salt flat. This place is SO surreal. I cannot wait to walk there.


Big Sur, California: I know what you’re thinking. California, huh? Well, stop right there. While I’m a huge proponent of traveling the world, there are so many beautiful spots in our own homeland here. One trip I would love to take is to drive up the PCH from LA to SF, stopping in Santa Barbara, Carmel & Big Sur. As soon as I can get an entire week off of work, it’ll be in the books!


Ålesund, Norway: I’ve read time and time again about Norway (along with Denmark, Iceland & the rest of Scandanavia) being a hidden gem. The people are friendly, the air is fresh, the scenery is beautiful. The architecture & natural beauty are the perfect mix.

Anyone been to the above spots? What’s your favorite underrated travel destination?


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