Gender Neutral Nursery

When I was helping one of my besties with her baby girl’s nursery (see design here), her sister & I were joking that one day I would get to help her. Well, the day is here! I couldn’t be more thrilled to work with her and help make her nursery dreams come true. Fun fact: she & her husband have opted to keep the baby’s sex unknown, even to them, so they will have the most exciting surprise upon delivery (my gut tells me it’s a boy!).

Inspirational spaces…






For a gender neutral nursery, we wanted to keep the space calm, sweet & classic. She requested grays, whites, and sheep/lamb references. How adorable! Since they already ordered white furniture, we want to bring in some color and textures to keep the space interesting.

Baby Brand Gender Neutral Nursery…

Brand Nursery

{crib | wallpaper | mirror | pendant | throw |  lamb | rocker | pouf | rug}

I love the mix of the patterned Serena & Lilly wallpaper with the molding. It gives the walls some additional interest without being too loud. Also, this setup will be an easy transition into a guest room, or the child’s toddler room. I chose the sheepskin rug, the oversized animals, and the plush throw for some comfy, cozy touches.

Side note: I was torn between chandeliers and I almost chose this Dahlia Chandelier from Pottery Barn Kids- it’s a very close second and still am torn!


I hope that the parents-to-be are pleased with this design and I cannot wait to see this come to life!

p.s. For those of you moms looking for an activity mat, this Emily &  Meritt one is TO DIE FOR- it’s so chic & trendy and won’t be an eyesore to your nursery. Add it to your registry now, trust me!


11 thoughts on “Gender Neutral Nursery

  1. I can’t wait to see how it turns out! What a fun project! One of my good friends designed a gender neutral nursery last year because she didn’t want to know the baby’s sex either! xo Annie


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