A Hint of Mint

Tuesday’s post on tulips has me all giddy for Spring! Although we are still not in the clear here in Boston, I am already spring cleaning in my mind (more to come on that!) and planning out our new guest bedroom design (more to come on that, also!). One color that I know I want to incorporate in this room is a hint of mint. We’ve got three huge, bright windows, 12′ ceilings with charming molding and some fantastic hardwoods. I’m currently refurbishing two pieces of furniture for the room, so I’ll share my full design plan once it’s done. But for now, let’s explore some rooms where a “hint of mint” is the perfect touch!








If you’re ready to incorporate some mint pieces into your home now, here are some awesome finds for you:


{art | dresser | end table | pillow | side table | pendant}

Do you like the color mint? Which “piece” in room should I incorporate the color?!


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