Hydrangea Happy

Last week, I was lucky enough to spend a few days with my lovely grandma in Georgia. One thing I’ve always loved most about her house is the over-abundance of fresh flowers in her yard! You haven’t experienced Spring unless you’ve spent one in Georgia!

Augusta National Hole 13.jpg

{Augusta (GA) National golf course in Spring}

While I love the tulips and azaleas and knockout roses, my absolute favorite are the huge, bright, stunning hydrangeas! Put 2 in a vase and you’ve got a showstopping centerpiece. They’re one of my favorite ways to add that final touch to any space…









ps. head on over to Trader Joe’s to pick up 3 huge stems for <$10!


15 thoughts on “Hydrangea Happy

  1. Hydrangeas are so beautiful. I love them! However, I have a plant in my garden and every summer, it’s a lush green but it won’t bloom. I don’t know why. Could it be the soil?


  2. Seriously loving this decor inspo! I am a little design-challenged for some reason. I can never settle on a colour scheme or decor but those hydrangeas are beautiful – my Mom uses them in her house too!


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