Guest Bedroom Design Plan

I am so happy that we are FINALLY able to decorate our guest bedroom. Long story short, we had a friend (roomie’s old roomie) temporarily staying there until his new place was ready (it was also under renovation). He was originally planning on staying a few weeks…well, as with most renovations, a few weeks turned into a month turned into a few months. 4 months later, moving day is Sunday & we are all ready to feel settled.

Here’s the layout of our guest bedroom: it’s a 13′ x 13′ square with 12′ ceilings. One wall is covered with 1/2 windows and one adjacent has a huge white column radiator taking up half of the wall with a window directly across from it. So while the space is big, there is minimal plain wall space. It looks something like this:

guest bedroom layout

(behind the chair is a 3′ long radiator that sticks out from the wall)

Over the months, I’ve been pinning a few inspiration pics on Pinterest, including…







So all in all, here’s the plan:


{upholstered bed / bedding / throw pillow / ghost chair / writing desk / armoire / artwork}

**In all honesty, I had to build this room around this piece of art. The roomie is letting me do 99.9% of what I want in our home, but he requested this piece of art….so with much hesitation, I’ve decided to compromise. It will be on a side wall (above the desk) & it’s actually not that bad in person**

Thoughts on my plan? Am I crazy for using this artwork?!


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