Coffee Table Styling

This morning has been on of those mornings- for me, that means I’ve rearranged our coffee table decor about 4,120,180 times, but I’m happy with the [current] finished product. For now.

(please ignore the awful cable cord sticking out of the top left…it’s legit my worst enemy)

Coffee table styling is so fun & easy– people usually overthink it, which is when you drive yourself crazy! Try to follow my “rule of 4” and you can’t go wrong:

Something to gather

Something to read

Something with scent

Something you need


{image via}

Let’s break it down, shall we?…

Gather: The anchor of the table! Think trays (or a variety), bowls, catch-alls, tins, etc…

Read: Books & mags! They’re great to add interest, height & color. Just keep ’em hardback!

Scent: This is a must have. Candles, flowers, or both! Fresh flowers are 100% worth it.

Need: This depends on the person. For me, I need a little place to store that stupid remote. I also “need” fresh hydrangeas weekly….but we’ll keep those under the “scent” category.

Here are some inspirational pics that use my “rule of 4” to style perfectly:







What are your “rules” of coffee table styling?!

5 thoughts on “Coffee Table Styling

    • Stephanie, I think that’s a great start! Most of mine is gray/cream/lucite/white/gold….staying in the same color family definitely helps with cohesiveness. Good luck!


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