Bedroom Accent Wall

Thanks for the response on my Isla Grande post. If you’re thinking of heading to Panama, or want more info just email me and we can chat 🙂

So I’m working on an exciting new project that I want to share a piece from. I’ve got a client who is currently located on the East Coast, but is moving to Palo Alto in two weeks to start his job as an exec with a pretty awesome company (yup, it’s the one you’re thinking of!). He is going to be renting in a high end condo complex for about 12 months until he decides if/where he wants to buy. The key here is that while we are decorating a rental property, he wants nice furniture that can be moved into his future home.

* We’ve purchased about 75% of the furniture so I’ll have a future post sharing the plan*

For now….we’re debating on a bedroom accent wall. The complex will have any of the walls professionally painted for you (sweet bonus!), but because we haven’t seen the place in person, we are basing a lot off of pictures, floor plan, word of mouth, etc.

He’s really a huge lover of color. The main area is quite neutral, but we’re working with this blue wall color in the bedroom:

{BM Danube Blue & BM Gentlemen’s Gray}

We’re debating between painting the whole room vs accenting one wall. I’m about 99% sure which way I lean, but I thought I’d share some inspiration photos and get your opinion!  FYI: We’ve already ordered a low profile bed and dresser.

Let’s take a look…








Which do you vote…paint all walls or accent wall?!


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