Pretty Pergolas.

With Spring in full effect & summer creeping in, I’ve got on thing on my mind: being outside! But what if you live in a ranch style home…you can either have a flat, boring patio or just a yard, right? Wrong!

Enter: the pergola.



I used to (sort of still do) have mixed feelings about pergolas, but after seeing some pretty amazing ones, I’m definitely shifting  to #teampergola. If you want shade, or want a bit more architectural detail added to your backyard, this is for you!

A trend I noticed that work for pergolas attached to your home that really keeps them  looking a bit more natural is to (a) paint them the exterior home color and (b) use some greenery or fabric on the top (also adds more shade!)





For those free standing pergolas, I think you can be creative, although it’s best to have a focal point (i.e. outdoor fireplace, kitchen, grill).





What are your thoughts on pergolas?


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