Austin, TX: Eats

Happy Wanderlust Wednesday! A couple of weeks ago, we traveled to Austin, TX to visit one of my favorite couples. Going into the trip, we really had no expectations for Austin and were just hoping to spend a casual weekend catching up with friends. Well, let me just say- Austin blew us away. We LOVED this city!!!


I have soooooo much to share about this badass country-hipster town that I’m breaking it up into two separate posts. First up: Austin Eats.

Austin is one of those cities where you can’t have a bad meal. And if you do, you’re doing something wrong. We just ate and ate and ate, one fabulous meal after another. If you’re a foodie or love exploring local spots, this is the city for you.


There are an abundance of food trucks in Austin (isn’t this where the “food truck” trend started?). There’s one attached to every bar with an outdoor space & there are multiple food truck parks. And y’all don’t be fooled- the food is legit. I had the best fish taco of my life at the food truck park. The guys split a Monte Cristo & couldn’t stop raving about it.

{my photo was too overexposed to share, but this is what they had}

We had the most amazing breakfast tacos (“migas”) at Veracruz. If you visit Austin, you HAVE to go here- their tacos are probably my #1 recommendation. We sat outside on picnic tables in the 80 degrees to enjoy these flavorful & authentic babies.



We were told by multiple people that Torchy’s is THE taco place in Austin. Ask the locals? You will get some differing opinions. Nonetheless, we obviously had to try it. Enter: taco brunch. One Migas (remember those?) and 1 shrimp. Ah-mazing. Go here!



{The bf was none too pleased that I made him pause pre-first bite for a photo. HaHa!}


I know what you’re thinking- you just had tacos? Tacos Ø Mexican. Those of us Southerners know this to be true! This, my friends, is Mexican:


{Please excuse me while I pick up my drool from the floor}


If you’ve got access to a car while in Austin, I highly recommend the following. Head to Driftwood Estates Winery and enjoy a little sun & wine tasting (only $12!). It’s no Napa, but the wine was tasty, the views were gorgeous and the weather was just perfect.



Our crew at the vineyard 🙂

From there, we headed a few doors down to Salt Lick BBQ. HOLY BBQ YALL- this place is unreal! What an experience. To start, I just loved the vibe. It’s a huge indoor-outdoor space with multiple family-style seating at picnic tables. While waiting for your table outside, it’s BYOB (the wait can be hours) and there’s a guy playing live music. You really feel like you’re in a friend’s back yard.



Once you head inside, you’ll see the largest fire pit with all of the meats smoking- sausage, beef, chicken, ribs…you name it, they’ve got it. And the food doesn’t disappoint. We had wayyyyy too much and every last bit- from the pickles to the chicken to the ribs to the blackberry cobbler- was out of this world. Can’t recommend this spot enough!



{Allllll of the food}

Also worth mentioning:

  • We ate at Justine’s in East Austin, which had really stellar French food (think steak frites, mussels & a world famous pork chop). The ambiance is super sultry & dark- a really fun spot. Get a dirty martini if you go.
  • If you are at all a sparkling water lover, you MUST get Topo Chico! I legitimately drank like 5 every day. It is the purest, most refreshing tasting sparkling water I have EVER had and I’ve been on an intense search for it since I returned.


Who’s booking a trip to Austin now?!


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