Taking a break

Wow, it’s been almost two weeks since I posted here! As a person who put up a post almost daily for about a year, it’s felt weird. Feels like everyday there’s been something missing of my “to do” list.

But the truth is, I needed a break.


{Ahh, so calming}

The more I was posting, the more pressure I felt to keep up. I would see these other interior design bloggers who are participating in challenges, or being widely recognized, or renovating homes. And I would see these travel bloggers who are partnering with major airlines, or receiving lavish vacations- complimentary, of course. And then there’s me…I don’t make any money off of this blog, I don’t get widely recognized, and I surely don’t get free vacations. Am I even good at this? Does anyone read this (hi mom!)? Will I ever grow this? Will I ever further my career? So I’m a little torn…

Torn between design and travel (my two passions). Torn between keeping the blog and shutting the doors. Torn between spending my energy posting and saving it for other ventures.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

{most beautiful home vs most beautiful scenery}

What do y’all, my “readers”, think? Do you prefer design? travel? Any advice for feeling overwhelmed and maintaining balance?


One thought on “Taking a break

  1. Every blogger has been there. It definitely needs to be fun and fulfilling, all blogging is a labor of love. Keep at it for awhile and stay tuned into how you’re feeling. Try to notice whether you’re feeling inspired and constantly coming up with post ideas, whether you get that rush of adrenaline when you hit ‘post,’ whether you find yourself talking about your blog to people all the time, etc. At the end of the day only you know what’s right for you, but you’ve built something really great here so you owe it to yourself to see whether it still serves you. Good luck, dear!

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