Newlywed Living Room

I realize it has been a while since I’ve posted. The past few weeks have been spent doing some major traveling (between Europe, Jackson Hole, New Jersey & Las Vegas, I have a LOT of travel posts to come!) Needless to say, I feel refreshed and excited and ready to tackle some design!

I’ve got a dear friend who is recently married (congrats!) and so begins the merging of the stuff. Having recently purchased a home, the couple is looking to take on some major renovations, but first up is re-doing the living room and dining room. Up first, the living room!

A few inspirational pictures, client approved…



A few details about the current space:

-Living room and dining room are open to another, so cohesiveness is a necessity

-A wall of windows provides ample lighting but minimal wall space

-With two kids & a dog, the space needs to be family friendly, functional & durable

-Her style is transitional meets rustic meets traditional, so its quite a mix

Here is the [almost] final draft of what I put together for them. They’re having a piece of art commissioned for above the sofa (abstract blended with blues, grays & whites)

Red One Living Room.jpg

Well, what do you think?! Would you be happy in this space?!

{sofa // chairs // lamps // coffee table  // side tables // rug //

small table //  blue & patterned pillow}


4 thoughts on “Newlywed Living Room

  1. LOVE this…love the neutrals and love that you actually suggested white (or off white) chairs. I have white slipcovered couches in my living room and people thought I was crazy. Every 6 months I take the slip covers to the dry cleaners and they are as good as new 🙂 And I love that you are doing a custom piece of art over the couch. I am currently working with two Etsy artists for custom pieces…one for our new renovated bedroom and 3 watercolors of my kids in their bathing suits :-))))))



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