Boston Summer List

As I was walking home last night from an amazing (free!) outdoor workout class with some girlfriends, I must have stopped about 5 times to take photos of the gorgeous flowers in Boston Commons!

Aren’t they the best?!

This got me thinking…Boston is SO MUCH FUN in the summer, so I would be doing the blog world a disservice to not share my Boston summer favorites! There are really a million places to go, events to attend, road trips to take (weekend getaway post coming soon!), but I did my best to narrow this down to my personal favorites…enjoy!

Boston Summer List.jpg


Captain Alexis & Jenny here! haha- we had a ball. I think we actually googled “free sailing in Boston” and found an event that allowed us about an hour on the boat- driving, riding, etc. Such a fun activity! Also, check out that view of Boston from our boat in the harbor!

charles river2

Any day spent on the Charles River is a good day in my book!

Boston locals– what is on your Boston summer list?!


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