White Bedding Under $100

Happy Monday y’all! Thanks for the awesome feedback on Fridays post– I had so many positive comments on Instagram so it’s a wonderful feeling to know that y’all are loving the same style spaces I am. That bedroom photo (pic #1) really inspired me- I actually picked up two huge frames at HomeGoods & developed a couple of 8×10 pics from our recent trip to Europe. Once they’re framed & up, I’ll share them! Oversized art (often coupled together) is still one of my favorite ways to decorate empty wall space.

As for today, I’m sticking to one of my all-time favorite topics…white bedding! I live and die by white bedding (no excuses- I have a black, shedding dog who jumps up on the bed all too often!).

Want to know why I love white bedding so much? Here’s why:

  1. White bedding always, always, ALWAYS looks clean, crisp & new.


2.You can swap out decorative pillows often to change style & feel of the room.


3. It’s easy to clean. Bleach that baby and it’s brand new.


4. It’s easy to mix & match fabrics and create texture via layering whites.


5. It gives your bedroom that luxurious, zen hotel feel that makes going to be the best.



Trust me on this. If you’re looking to change out any bedding, give white bedding a shot. To help convince you more, I’ve put together some fantastic options under $100:



Who else loves white bedding as much as I do?!



4 thoughts on “White Bedding Under $100

    • Hi Shannon- I totally feel your pain! I have a black dog so I usually throw up a blanket on top but it’s inevitably going to get dirty. Sometimes I find the best white duvet covers at Homegoods (and under $40 usually!). Thanks for visiting xoxo


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