Painted Staircases

Happy Monday y’all! Well, it would be way happier if our Bulldogs won against Tennessee this past weekend (insert heartbreak emoji)…ugh, the worst.

In better news, today is my mama’s birthday. How fabulous is she?!


We were actually discussing a home project this weekend and turns out, we’re stumped! I’d love some feedback and input from y’all…so my parents house has hardwoods throughout, including the main staircase. As part of the renovation/updates, they’re painting the front risers of the stairs & the spindles on the staircase white. However; we’re leaving the railing itself wood (to provide contrast and some aesthetic appeal).

The million dollar question is…do we leave the banisters wood, or paint them white?

Below are a few inspiration photos of each:


So, feedback PLEASE: do we leave the banisters wood, or paint them white?

{Dark: 1/2/3 … White: 1/2/3}


One thought on “Painted Staircases

  1. Dark. While the White is clean, lovely and a little modern, never forget that the banister serves a very important function- safety. Should a person stumble, your eyes need to be able to track the bannister quickly which the contrast should aide. The dark is always beautiful on a traditional staircase- classic doesn’t need improvement;).

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