What to splurge on while renting

Having been in 4 rentals (in 2 states!) the past 5 years, I totally get that it’s not always worth splurging on home items. With moving comes scratches, stains, broken pieces, etc. With renting comes small spaces, odd shaped rooms, and the need for specific pieces to make the room “work”. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending an entire paycheck on a sofa that doesn’t even fit in your living room 5 months from now when you move. Ugh, renting woes. However; it’s equally no fun to feel like you’re living out of an IKEA catalog. Let’s find the happy medium…
Candles & Soaps
Ahh, the smells. I have this Anthropologie candle burning year round. And I can confidently say that our apt always smells good. Also, it’s time to ditch the $2 plastic target hand soap and spend a few more dollars on a nicer one. Ex: (hint: often times you can find this style at HG!)
 Start Collecting Art
The past two years I’ve collected two awesome art pieces – this one via OKL and another through a lucky Craigslist score! (similar to this). Also, I’m including good quality mirrors in this “art” category, as they’re so versatile. (Ex: I used this one in an entry way and in a bathroom design).  I’ve found that these professionally framed pieces really help transform my space from “rental” to home. These pieces are going to grow with you in any space and you’ll be glad you bought them.
 Purchase Higher End Textiles
Blankets, towels & pillows are the key to making your home feel luxe for less! These are transferable between any space. I’ve said this before but swap these items out seasonally & update when you can. (Hint: H&M home has cute, inexpensive pillow covers for under $20 if you want to swap often but not spend a fortune!) Think luxurious spa/hotel feel!
Invest in your Bed

I’m talking both the mattress and the bedding. There’s nothing better than a good night’s sleep. Nothing. And considering we spend over 30% of our life in bed, I’d say it’s worth the splurge. You can often find higher end sheets on sale at HG. For those living in a high rise or tight space, give Casper a try.

If you’re ready to make your rental feel a bit more luxurious, some shopping sources Id recommend are West Elm, One Kings Lane, Wisteria, Anthropologie, and of course HomeGoods!



3 thoughts on “What to splurge on while renting

  1. As a fellow renter who has been in 4 different houses / apartments in the last 5 years… I feel you! I’m moving again (ugh) next month. Love these suggestions for making the new place feel like home!

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