5 ways to stay healthy while traveling

Happy Wanderlust Wednesday everyone! Given that I’m traveling 3 out of 5 days this week (3rd week in a row….), I thought it would only be appropriate to share a few tips of how to stay healthy & feel your best when traveling.


Kayaking & paddle boarding on String Lake, Jackon, WY

One of the biggest complains I hear about traveling (especially when it’s business, not pleasure) is that you feel “gross” or “blah” and “out of the routine”. While I totally get that, I’ve found a pretty good way to avoid that feeling on every trip. This may take a little planning ahead, but trust me- it’s worth it!

1. Workout 1st thing every morning
overlooking cathedral rock.jpg

View from the top of Cathedral Rock in Sedona, AZ

I think we can all agree that if we don’t work out first thing while traveling, it’s never going to happen. Especially while on vacation! May as well just get it over with so you can enjoy that cocktail by the pool…am I right?!
2. Drink lots of water
Paddleboarding in Duck.jpg

Sunset paddleboarding in Duck, NC

This is key. If all else fails, drink a ton of water. You’ll feel less bloated, you’ll likely eat healthier (and avoid mindless eating), and your skin will thank you. I always keep a refillable water bottle with me so I never feel dehydrated!
3. Pack snacks

Water & Peanuts in Sonoma

When I know I’ll be in the car for a while or have a long day of travel, I always hit up Trader Joe’s before I go so that I can feel prepared. There is nothing worse than being hangry in an airport and your options are (a) 3-day old sandwiches from the food cart or (b) stale pizza from the knock-off Sbarro. A few snacks I like to grab are Quest bars/Larabars, apples/bananas, dried fruit, nuts & homemade PBJs.
4. Walk, walk, walk

Day of hiking in gorgeous Capri

Unless it’s pouring rain or I’m headed in a sketchy area, I always walk. Perfect example is my day on Monday- I was sitting for about 8 hours in a meeting and going nuts. Our dinner was about 2 miles away. Instead of taking an uber, our team decided to walk to the restaurant, walk around town exploring (or bar hopping!) and walk home. When I got back to my room, I saw that I had walked almost 6 miles total. That felt so good!
5. Plan outdoor activities
hiking with mela.png

Experiencing New England’s fall foliage by foot (with our camera shy pup!)

This is one of my favorite ways to explore new-to-me areas while on vacation. A bike tour around Paris? Sure! A walking tour through the Sicilian vineyard? Why not. A hike to the top of Mt Villarica in Chile? Sign me up! These are all what I call the trifecta of travel: you get a killer workout, meet awesome  people & learn about a new area!
So there you have it- my top 5 ways to stay healthy while traveling. What’s your favorite tip?!

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