Montreal: Travel Suggestions?

Happy Wanderlust Wednesday y’all! Before we get started on today’s topic, I want to say thanks for the comments regarding Monday’s & yesterady’s posts. I had so many Instagram comments about how fabulous the spaces were- it’s so fun to see what peaks people’s interest. Looks like pops of color are currently doing the trick!

As you may know, I was fortunate enough to spend a week in Paris this past May…drinking a lot of coffee & wine, of course!

{drink espresso…walk around Paris…stop in cafes…drink red wine…repeat!}

We’re heading to Montreal in the next week and I’ve heard that it’s very similar to Paris- the food/drink, the culture, the architecture..I can’t wait! I am, however, looking for specific suggestions- restaurants, activities, bars, sightseeing, etc. Please leave comments below, as it’s our first time and I haven’t done my usual research (I know, shame on me!)

Thanks friends 🙂


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